CTE Works for College Students and Adults
Postsecondary CTE fosters postsecondary completion and prepares students and adults for in-demand careers.
  • A person with a CTE-related associate degree or credential will earn on average between $4,000 and $19,000 more a year than a person with a humanities associate degree.
  • 27 percent of people with less than an associate degree, including licenses and certificates, earn more than the average bachelor degree recipient.

Programs offered at the Academy of Careers and Technology are approved by the West Virginia Department of Education and accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.  Many programs are approved for enrollment under the Veterans Administration, West Virginia Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Work Force Investment Act (WIA), and Federal PELL Grants. Some programs are articulated with colleges and students may be eligible to receive college credit for work completed at ACT.

General Admissions Requirements
To enroll, applicants must:

  • Have a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma (GED/TASC).
  • Complete the TABE pretest and required basic skills instruction (call the school at 304-256-4615 for more information about this free test)
  • Complete the application and enrollment forms
  • Pay a non-refundable $100.00 application fee
  • Pay a non-refundable $25.00 registration fee
  • Pay a non-refundable $50.00 background check fee
  • Pay a non-refundable $26.00 Cosmetology Board registration, if applicable
  • If desired, apply for financial assistance grants online through Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). ACT's school code is 015748.
  • Receive enrollment instructions for specific programs requirements from the ACT office staff
  • Meet any additional requirements specified in the program enrollment instructions

Any adult who has been convicted of a felony or submitted a guilty plea or a plea of no contest to a felony charge may not be admitted into any secondary program.

Applications for admission and program requirements are available in the school office and on the website. Please note that applications must be hand-delivered to the school office. Applications submitted by mail or submitted without appropriate fees will not be processed.

Transfer Policy
The Academy of Careers and Technology (ACT) does not accept transfer of credits earned at other institutions. Students who wish to transfer from one Academy of Careers and Technology program to another must meet with the Adult Education Coordinator to determine course options, space availability, and financial responsibility.

Class Cancellation
You are encouraged to register for classes early. If there is insufficient enrollment the school reserves the right to cancel a class. If a class is cancelled for any reason, students will be notified prior to the scheduled class by telephone.

Textbooks and testing fees are not included in the tuition and are the responsibility of the student. Purchased books cannot be returned.

Uniform Grading Scale
The grading scale for non-weighted grades will be as follows:  

Average Grade Quality Points
90 - 100 A 4.0
80 - 89 B 3.0
70 - 79 C 2.0
60 - 69 D 1.0
0 - 59 F 0

Adult students that are in programs that use iPads for instruction will receive them when class begins. These iPads remain the property of ACT until the student completes the program.

Tuition and Fees
A tuition payment schedule must be arranged with the Adult Education Coordinator prior to the first class of each term and a cost sheet must be signed. Students who have not paid their tuition or made arrangements for payment with the Adult Education Coordinator will not be allowed to attend class. All tuition and fees must be paid before participating in clinical experience or receiving a Certificate of Applied Study. Students completing a program with an outstanding balance will not be eligible to receive a transcript.

Refund Policy
Students are charged tuition and fees by enrollment periods. If a student withdraws during an enrollment period tuition will be refunded as follows:

WITHDRAWAL DATE (last date of attendance) REFUND*
On or before the first day of class 100%
On or before 10% of the enrollment period    75%
On or before 25% of the enrollment period 50%
After 25% of the enrollment period  No refund

*All refunds exclude fees and other additional cost. Refunds will be processed within 60 days of withdrawal.

The purpose of this standard procedure is to provide the student a mechanism for resolving complaints related to school conditions, policies, or practices.


  • Within 5 days of an incident, the student must submit a written complaint to the Adult Education Coordinator.
  • The Adult Education Coordinator must provide a written response within 5 school business days.


  • If a student wishes to appeal the Level 1 decision, they must submit a written appeal to the Raleigh County Director of Career Technical Education within 5 school business days.
  • The Raleigh County Director of Career Technical Education must provide a written response within 5 school business days.


  • If the student wished to take further action after the final appeal has been made, he or she may contact ACT’s accrediting agency. The Council on Occupational Education will require all documentation that the student has followed the stated grievance policy of the institution.

Council on Occupational Education
7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta GA 30350
Telephone: 770-396-3898/ Fax: 770-396-3790

Academy of Careers and Technology
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PHONE 304-256-4615 - FAX 304-256-4674 - EMAIL info@wvact.net

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