Community Education Schedule Released
The schedule for ACT's popular community education program has been released for the Fall semester. Check out the courses, scheduled to begin mid- to late-September...and check back often as additional courses are added.

Cosmetology Applications Available
Adult student application forms and registration requirements for the new Cosmetology program are now available. Registration for all adult classes begins at the school on July 1.

Graduation Ceremony Held
Approximately 220 students completing programs received their certificates of completion at ACT's annual graduation ceremony held at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center on Thursday, May 24, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

View the event program.
View the list of scholarship and award recipients.

Cosmetology Entrance Exam Scheduled
Adults wishing to apply for the new Cosmetology program at ACT must sit for the pre-entrance examination for consideration. Testing is available at the Raleigh County Adult Learning Center located at 306 South Kanawha Street in Beckley. Candidates can call 304-256-3964 to schedule an appointment. Available times are Monday - Friday from 09:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Individuals will also have access to review materials onsite beginning May 19, 2014. View the Cosmetology page for more information about the program.

Rickey Dillard Selected 2014 Service Personnel Employee of the Year
It was the service personnel of Raleigh County who got their time in the limelight Thursday. At the 17th annual School Service Personnel Employee of the Year Banquet, the men and women who keep the wheels of the school system turning were given awards honoring their hard work. “This is where we honor from each of the departments a person who has been recognized by their peers as being exemplary in their performance and the personnel of the year,” Superintendent Jim Brown said. “The person of the year will have the opportunity to compete at the state level. “It’s a great opportunity for our employees and their families to come hear about how their colleagues perceive them and what great people they are in our schools system.”

Brown said service personnel are the foundation of the school system. “They get our kids to school every day,” he said. “They feed them. Our secretaries do an outstanding job keeping everything afloat. They just make everything run so smoothly. I would tell you that Raleigh county probably has some of the best service personnel across the state. They do a fantastic job supporting our students and it's only right for us to recognize the work that they do.”

BOE President Rick Snuffer said service personnel should be aware of the impact they have on people.“People remember you,” he said. “I tell people all the time, and I'm not dishing on teachers, but I can remember my bus drivers, who my cooks were, and who the janitors were. I have to really think hard to remember my teachers. Those others were the first people that I saw. The first day I went to school, the first person I saw was the bus driver. The first person I saw in the office was the secretary. The guy poking up the furnace was the custodian. I met the cook at lunch. She had a smile and wanted to make us all feel good. That's important because service personnel set the environment of the school.”

Five men and women were finalists in the race for the title of "Employee of the Year," but there could only be one.
  · Shanna McDaniels at the Central Office was the Office -Clerical employee of the Year.
  · Samuel White of Stanaford Elementary School was Aide of the Year.
  · Danny Bowyer of the Transportation Department was Transportation Employee of the Year.
  · Joyce Carpenter of Daniels Elementary School was Child Nutrition Employee of the Year.
  · Ricky Dillard of the Academy of Careers and Technology was Custodial-Maintenance Employee of the Year.

At the end of the night, Ricky Dillard was announced to be the 2014 Service Personnel Employee of the Year in Raleigh County.

The five finalists were given $150 from the Beckley Area Foundation and the Ford Family Fund. Dillard said he needed to make sure he thanked God for the blessing of winning the award. “Without him I would be nothing,” he said. “I always give him praise in anything I do. I've very thankful for this award. I've been working for 33 years for Raleigh County. I've worked for a lot of principals and they have been really good to me. Teamwork and getting along with your personnel is the key. Anything that’s ever asked of you, just try your best. I'm so overwhelmed. I never dreamed it would be me. I'm just tickled to death,” Dillard concluded.
--from The Register-Herald, May 9, 2014

Cosmetology Program to Open in August
Academy of Careers and Technology will be beautifying Beckleyans and leaving them with a little jingle in their purses, Principal Charles Pack said. ACT is set to open a cosmetology school in August that will allow students to stay in Beckley while becoming certified cosmetologists.“We’re really bringing it back to Beckley,” Pack said. “When the Beckley Beauty Academy quit, there was no place in the area to take cosmetology classes. You have to go to Charleston or Lewisburg or Wyoming County. We’re going to be bringing that back to Raleigh County.”

The 1,800-credit-hour program will be available for high school students and adults. Those who complete the program, which will offer training in nails, hair styling, coloring, perming and other aesthetics, will be fully certified in cosmetology. Beckleyans will get beautified at a discount by students, said Pack.“Part of the education is having an outside study lab where people from the community come in, get haircuts, perms, dyes, nails, all the stuff the students do,” he said. “I believe it’s needed here.“People have been telling us, ‘Please do this so we don’t have to travel somewhere.’”

He said the program will not only offer cosmetology training in Raleigh County, but it will give senior citizens and others opportunities to get professional haircuts and styles at a discounted rate.“It’s very needed in Beckley, and we are very happy to bring it back,” he emphasized. Right now, Pack said, around 20 beauty technician labs are being set up at ACT, which is located behind Woodrow Wilson High School in Beckley.“We have all the equipment,” he said. “It’s standard beauty salon equipment — shampoo stations and dryer stations, which has got a mirror and all the things they need to hang their tools up and do all their work.” The course will be offered during the traditional school day, and Pack said evening classes may be added later.“Once we get the program running, we may be able to offer nail technician as a standalone (discipline) and hair stylist as a standalone, which will be fewer hours,” he added. High school students will attend for free but will finish up as an adult student, which requires payment, he said. Grants are available to aid students who enter the cosmetology program, he reported.

Pack is also accepting resumes from candidates for two full-time instructor positions. Candidates should have five years of cosmetology experience and will have to pass a test administered by the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists and will also be required to meet Raleigh school hiring guidelines, he said.

Pack said he’ll be one of the first hair customers, although he won’t be needing any color rinses or highlights.“I’m an easy cut,” he said. “I’ve got a crew cut.”

Information on the program and the instructor positions is available by calling ACT at 304-256-4615.
--from The Register-Herald, May 5, 2014

Aug 20 Students return to school
Sept 1 Labor Day
Oct 17 Faculty Senate
Nov 4 Election Day
Nov 11 Veterans Day
Nov 24-28 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 19 Faculty Senate
Dec 22 - Jan 2 Christmas Break
Jan 12 End of First Semester
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